Name: Julia Zoellner
Age: 16
Home Site: PITS
Personal Bests: Slalom – 1 @ 15′ 32 mph  Trick – 1230 Jump – 43 Feet
Role Model(s): Ellen and Christy Kingsmill

Name: Cami Smith
Age: 16
Home Site: Forest Lake
Personal Bests: Slalom – 5 @ 28
Role Model(s): Maame Biney, Kelly Zoellner & Christy Kingsmill
Fun Fact: 

Name: Landon Atwell
Age: 10
Home Site: Rice Road Lake
Personal Bests – Jump: 52 feet   
Role Model(s): Midwest Air Force
Fun Fact: I hope to be adopted by the Roberts Family.

Name: Zoe Atwell
Age: 8 
Home Site: Rice Road Lake
Personal Bests – Jump: TBD   Slalom: 3 @24mph   Trick: 920 Points 
Role Model(s): Eva Henderson and Wade Cox 
Fun Fact: I have 3 horses!

Name: Eva Henderson
Age: 15
Home Site: 
Personal Bests: Slalom – 2 @ 28′   Trick –  Jump – 61 Feet
Role Model(s): Joel Poland






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